AK Group is an engineering and service company which produces solutions in the field of fire protection with our Professional, experienced and dynamic engineers and technical support in order to secure your future, to protect the human life and our investment with a technological, customer-oriented service approach, conforming to the international and local standards.


To pioneer regarding designing, developing and producing quality and cost-effective products and systems which are compatible with the up-to-date and developing technologies and maintaining them in all conditions.


Being a perfect and reliable life partner in our areas of expertise, keeping up with the latest technology with the dynamism of being a young staff and providing the blessings of the information and technology to our country have always been our intentions.

We have never given up working with a specialized engineering team and quality personnel, the most important factor on our applications, technical services and commercial activities, in order to minimize the fire risk in the living spaces and industrial plants in a global scale with an approach combining the cooperation of the leading producing companies on fire protection systems in the world and our own production facilities.

Our main aim is to bring in better service, more quality and various products and to raise Fire Safety awareness in our country, which we sincerely wish to progress towards a bright future, to the level of developed countries with our R&D works which are required for the modern management and production approach.

In this regard, our indispensable method is to be beneficial in the country development by benefiting from the raw materials, workforce and information accumulation of our country and reflecting them on our projects and productions.